The Concious Butterfly

The Wisdom in Listening & Understanding

People-oriented listeners are  comfortable and good at listening to people’s feelings and emotions.  They are very empathetic and understanding is conversation (Beebe, Beebe and Redmond, 2011).  I always try to be mindful of the amount of emotion a person is experiencing when they communicate.  I have become sensitive to the fact that we as humans are naturally emotional creatures and sometime display a great about of passion about our values and beliefs.  I have also learned that many people articulate messages different depending on whether they are feeling emotional at the time.  Many important message get misinterpreted when unchecked emotions are involved, so being a people oriented listener includes being about to search for underlying messages within a message and also to allow others to express themselves however they feel comfortable.

I have personally known many passionate talkers in my life and they are misinterpreted as pushy aggressive at times.  However, it is not these people’s intentions to come across that way.  I think all of us have talked ourselves through our thoughts and decisions by sharing them with another person as sometimes the mind can become full of scattered thoughts.  The more scattered our thoughts are, the more difficult it is to articulate the message we are trying to communicate.  I understand this barrier in communication so I try to be as mindful as possible making me a people-oriented listener.

Messages for our Children

She always yearned to be a teacher a source of knowledge to those who need guidance from someone who has been through what they were going through before.  And she has been through so much, her story could help another to see how the enemy was trying to trick and fool her.

Universal Creators

Montessori school philosophy: I hear, I forget; I see, I remember; I experience, I understand.