The Spiritual Butterfly

Finding Love in lessons

Love remains here…it always will.  I have no regrets and there have been many lessons learned.  I am thankful for the love I have endured and cherish the time that has been granted to me.  Love and life here on Earth are gifts in which I treasure.  The triumphs and misfortunes I have faced were destined to transform my soul.  For a diamond is not a treasure without an immense amount of pressure.  Thank you father for believing in me to give me so much in this lifetime…

“The important thing is to teach a child that good can always triumph over evil.” ~Walt Disney

Higher Self

Meeting ones higher-self and acknowledging him/her as the God within you is an unmatched realization.

Her Place in the Universe

Self Reflection is a moment in which time stands still.  Since we are made in god’s image we can see in the “God” perspective if we should dare to.  With an absolute relationship with God, we can and will become enlightened if we spend the time to get to know our creator intimately.  A beautiful magic happens when you and your creator become one, we become awake.  Finding ourselves within in the universe is attainable.

Reaching for Enlightenment