The Warrior Butterfly


Within an adverse environment, she heard a comforting voice in which she found so familiar.  It was her Father God, her creator, creator of everything. Her father guided her towards an unknown place within, a place in which she could see herself unlike any way she has before.

Fierce Love

I love easily and am even easier to love.  My energy is magnetic, I am not perfect but I’ll never stop trying to be.

Facing your Demons

Ok so…human kind was created with free will.  We all have certain things we do in which others may not agree with.  However, no one is better than the next because they sin in different ways.   So when you get the urge to hate on someone, take a swift look in the mirror to fight your own demons first…you will get much further.

Women we are Warriors

This life, this gift is designed just like a challenge. A lifelong challenge in which the obstacles are unknown and created to take you to the next level of evolution. That is if you let it.

Others may be watchers, some teachers.  There were some great teachers such as the ancient prophets of many religions, The Son of God, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, MLK,  and so many more as the human race evolves and technology continues to manipulate time.